Mustang II

Jeremy and his ’74 Mach 1

Since he was a child, Jérémy has always traveled a lot. He even went to live abroad afterwards. He grew up between Paris and Casablanca, stayed in Australia where he developed a passion for V8s, then worked for a year in India. He has no particular attachment to a specific place on the planet. Since 1983, Jérémy has been in Los Angeles, California a few times…

Happy new year!

Good morning all, I take this post to wish you a very happy new year 2021. We hope more joyous than the previous year, with many trips in Mustangs, trips across the Atlantic and many successes in your personal and professional projects! (more…)

Exploring America

Celebrate Thanksgiving in France

This year, Thanksgiving will be Thursday, November 26. For several years now, I have used to cook a meal for Thanksgiving. It's a good way for me to make two of my passions: American culture and (American too) cuisine. What is Thanksgiving? On the fourth Thursday of November in the United States (and the second Monday of October in Canada), Americans celebrate Thanksgiving (Action de Grâce…

Mustang 66

Electrical problems and heating box

Sunday, Aymeric came home to give me a hand to work on the Mustang. Specifically, we wanted to fix an electrical problem and install the restored heater box. We started with the electrical problem. Why are the rear right light, brake and turn signal not working? And why do the indicators not emit sound or light in the compartment? We thought the steering column harness was…

Mustang V

Pascal and his 2012 MCA Mustang

Since the age of 14, Pascal has had a passion for cars in general, and the Mustang in particular. He lives in Normandy, in a village between Dieppe and Rouen, and today, at the age of 54, owns a magnificent limited edition Mustang coupe "2012 Mustang Club of America". The model may speak to the blog's older readers, as we already had the opportunity to present…