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“Instant Karma: The Day It Happened” by David Michie

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I recently came across the book “”Instant Karma: The Day It Happened” by David Michie on the shelves of a store. The cover intrigued me and the subject of karma has always interested me. I quickly looked at the summary and left with the book under my arm. After a relatively quick read, and in the interests of the books section of the blog, I’d like to give you my opinion of this book.

Summary of the book “Instant Karma: The Day It Happened” by David Michie

What if we all woke one day to discover that every act of generosity was followed, soon after, by an unexpected windfall? If theft or betrayal led to rapid calamity? Within minutes, the effects of instant karma would be felt by each one of us. Within hours it wouldn’t just be ordinary folks trying to figure out the new order – it would be everyone from the President down.

“Instant Karma” is the story of that day. An extraordinary vision, by turns hilarious and poignant, and early adopters are quick to capitalise on the new dynamics while karma change deniers vehemently dig in their heels. A little-known Buddhist monk, Lama Tashi, suddenly becomes TV’s go-to man, sought out for the wisdom he imparts with such oceanic benevolence. Amid the roller coaster of events, “Instant Karma” takes us to unexplored places. How much would human behaviour change if we had to live with the immediate consequences of our actions?

My review of the book “Instant Karma: The Day It Happened” by David Michie

A fascinating exploration of immediate consequences

David Michie’s “Instant Karma: The Day It Happened” is a fascinating exploration of the immediate consequences of our actions. The novel transports us to a world where karma becomes instantaneous. Thus, it transforms every act of kindness or unkindness into tangible results within minutes. This intriguing and innovative concept is the common thread running through this work, making for a thought-provoking read.

Effective structure but imperfect translation

The book is well structured, with short chapters that make it fluid, enjoyable reading. However, the French translation suffers from a few typos (especially in the final chapters). Despite this, “Instant Karma: The Day It Happened” manages to captivate its reader thanks to its profound themes on karma, Buddhism and vegetarianism, which are dear to my heart.

Varied and deep characters

The story follows several characters over a 24-hour period. Each of them experiences shattering events that cause them to reconsider their actions and thoughts. Among them are Tom, a veteran traumatized by an old mission; Dan, a TV presenter dealing with his daughter’s disability; Grace, a 60-year-old woman with terminal cancer; Amy, a young professional in search of success; and Bob, an unfaithful husband. These parallel stories are linked by the central figure of Lama Tashi. His Buddhist teachings and meditation sessions offer moments of reflection and introspection for the reader.

A complex but enriching narrative

The beginning of the novel may seem confusing, given the multiplicity of characters and situations. Switching from one character to another without much initial contextualization can indeed be disorienting. However, once you’ve immersed yourself in the plot, the narrative thread becomes clearer and more enjoyable to read. The author excels in the art of popularizing Buddhist concepts. He makes complex ideas about karma and cause and effect accessible.

A captivating central plot

The main plot is marked by a mysterious epidemic in the United States. The outbreak prompts the characters to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. This extreme situation is used as a background to explore how immediate altruistic acts can transform people’s lives. Lama Tashi’s reflections, such as “Ask a useful question, if you want a useful answer”, add philosophical depth to the story.

A positive, inspiring message

Despite some weaknesses, notably the feeling of being left wanting at the end of the novel and the lack of depth in certain situations, “Instant Karma: The Day It Happened” succeeds in conveying a positive and inspiring message. Reading this book encourages kindness and reflection on our daily actions.

Conclusion: an inspiring life lesson

In conclusion, David Michie’s book is a novel that, despite its imperfections, offers a beautiful life lesson and a call to individual consciousness. “Instant Karma” encourages us to believe in the possibility of immediate positive change through our actions, leaving the reader with a note of hope and motivation to do good around us.