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60 years of the Mustang: The Great Tombola (April 21st 2024)

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Tonight is the great tombola! We’re now on the last day of this memorable event, Sunday April 21. Relaxing over breakfast, we chat with the owner of a Dodge Challenger, a car enthusiast with an eclectic fleet including a hot-rod and many other wonders.

Before taking part in tonight’s great tombola, we’ve got a few things to do: Mustang photos, a test drive, a presentation…

Photos of Antonin’s Mustang II

Arriving at the Futuroscope Arena, we meet up with Antonin, who drives us in his Mustang II for a photo shoot away from the hustle and bustle of the parking lot. While Aymeric films from a drone, I take advantage of the sunroof to capture a few aerial shots. The exchanges with Antonin are fascinating, and I’m delighted to immerse myself in the special atmosphere of the Mustang II. It’s encouraging to see that this car is arousing interest, even among the journalists present.

Ford France test center

We then head for the test center set up by Ford France. There are several Ford Mach-Es to choose from. Greeted by a Ford sales representative, we fill in a form on an iPad before taking a seat in the Mach-E GT, the most powerful version available.

Introducing the Ford Mach-E

The Ford Mach-E embodies the bold fusion between the iconic Mustang name and the electric era, offering an electric crossover with undeniable style and performance. With its imposing dimensions and muscular design reminiscent of its illustrious namesakes, the Mach-E impresses at first glance.

Under the hood, it offers a wide range of electric powertrains, delivering performance of up to 487 hp in the GT version, with a range of up to 610 km in the combined cycle. The sleek, modern interior, with its huge central touchscreen and generous load volume, is immediately appealing.

Road test

The test drive goes off without a hitch. Aymeric took the wheel for a ten-minute lap. On an open road, he explored the Mach-E’s performance, notably by engaging the “untamed” mode for breathtaking acceleration up to 90 kilometers per hour. When it’s my turn to drive, I’m surprised by the single-pedal mode, which considerably simplifies driving.

Presentation of exceptional and racing Mustangs

Back in the parking lot, we attend the presentation of exceptional and racing Mustangs. The latter showcases unique models steeped in history. These include Carlos’ Team Alan Mann Racing DPK7B replica, Pierre’s Mustang 180 and the Mustang that belonged to Johnny Hallyday! Of course, the organizers would like to remind us that the great tombola will take place in a few hours’ time…

The Ford Mustang to be won

Then comes the long-awaited moment of the great tombola organized by the Mustang Club de France. The main prize? A Ford Mustang. I had the opportunity to retrace the car’s history, from the day it was built to the day it was acquired by the club.

It’s a coupé model (07) dating from 1965 (5). It left the Metuchen, New Jersey (T) factory on February 10 (10B) of that year. Its Wimbledon White (M) body contrasts elegantly with its black vinyl interior (26). This Mustang is equipped with a 289ci 4V V8 engine (A) and a C4 automatic transmission (6) with an axle ratio of 3.00:1 (1). As an export model (DSO 95), this Mustang was imported new into France straight from the factory. It was first registered on March 30, 1965.

And the winner is…

After unbearable suspense, the winner of the MCF tombola is finally revealed. A female winner! Unfortunately, she’s already gone home. Xavier, the club president, manages to contact her live to tell her the news, which seems almost unreal to her.

Back on the road

We finally hit the road, a little disappointed but grateful for this unforgettable experience. The evening passed in a relaxed atmosphere, punctuated by a stop at the Burger King in Montluçon to regain our strength before heading home at around 2am.


At the end of this historic event dedicated to the Ford Mustang, it’s clear that these three days will remain etched in the minds of all those lucky enough to take part. The three days on site revealed a community united by a shared passion for a timeless automotive icon.

The first day was marked by the spirit of camaraderie and mutual support that characterizes Mustang enthusiasts. Despite the twists and turns along the way, enthusiasm and solidarity never wavered. The second day saw us discover the Mustang GT Dark Horse 2024, highlighting the innovation and constant evolution of this iconic car. Finally, the last day was filled with nostalgia and emotion, as we experienced unforgettable moments, sharing our love for the Mustang.

The diversity of Mustangs on show was a real eye-opener. Presentations by Patrick P. of the MCF gave us a wealth of information about our passion. And yet, it was the encounters and exchanges with other enthusiasts that particularly impressed me.

As we all take to the road again, we take away with us many precious memories. We also leave with the impression of having indulged our uncompromising passion for the pony car. After all, the Ford Mustang is not just a car: it embodies a way of life, a shared passion that transcends generations.