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About Nick…

By the way… My name is Nicolas, I’m the father of two daughters and I’m passionate about America, photography and Mustangs. In “real” life, you can find me behind a computer screen tinkering with my blog, behind my Canon 6D, or under my 1966 Ford Mustang fixing a leak… And if I’m not around, it’s probably because I’m in North America hiking :).

About this blog…

This blog is my way of sharing my passions with you, dear Internet users. In the beginning, I focused mainly on Mustang stories. Eventually, I broadened the content I offer to include travel stories from the USA and photo-related articles.

As you’ve probably noticed, I love meeting people who share my passions. I usually take the opportunity to interview them and tell their stories here.

How can you get in touch with me?

If you’re an enthusiast too, don’t hesitate to write to me using the contact form below. You can send me your comments, suggestions, or article ideas. I’ll be happy to analyze them.

You can also simply use my e-mail address:

See you soon on the blogosphere!

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