Mustang II

Jeremy and his ’74 Mach 1

Since he was a child, Jérémy has always traveled a lot. He even went to live abroad afterwards. He grew up between Paris and Casablanca, stayed in Australia where he developed a passion for V8s, then worked for a year in India. He has no particular attachment to a specific place on the planet. Since 1983, Jérémy has been in Los Angeles, California a few times…

Mustang V

Pascal and his 2012 MCA Mustang

Since the age of 14, Pascal has had a passion for cars in general, and the Mustang in particular. He lives in Normandy, in a village between Dieppe and Rouen, and today, at the age of 54, owns a magnificent limited edition Mustang coupe "2012 Mustang Club of America". The model may speak to the blog's older readers, as we already had the opportunity to present…

Mustang I

Stefan and his ’65 coupe

As a child, Stefan admires the Mustangs he has the chance to meet with his dad. He then has in mind to own one, later. And probably a 65 for two reasons: it's the year of his birth, and it's the "original Mustang" as he saids. It was finally in 2017 that Stefan set out and selected a Mustang that met his various criteria: a 1965…

Francesca et son coupé 66 GT
Mustang I

Francesca and her ’66 GT coupe

On the blog, I published a number of articles where the passion for the Mustang is passed on from father to son, or, in some cases, from father to daughter. This was the case for Jade, for example, with her Mustang II, but it is also true for a number of other enthusiasts who can be found in the blog archives (note, the English version of…

Mustang I

Marissa and her ’66 I6 coupe

Why this Mustang? No one in Marissa's family has ever owned a classic car or a Mustang, and yet, from a very young age, Marissa went to car shows with her father. She likes classic cars in general and Mustangs in particular. In 2015, after graduating, Marissa did some research to find her first car. Although she is not particularly looking for a classic, she talks…

Mustang I

Kelly and her ’66 fastback

Since I started the restoration of my coupe, I have only one thing in mind; once back to the road and reliable as it should, I will go on road-trips with my Mustang! The idea seems interesting despite the ever-increasing cost of gas (at least here in France) and a gas mileage between 15 and 20 MPG (12-16 litres per 100km). (more…)