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Classic Days 2024: A solo adventure

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This year, my trip to the Classic Days 2024 in Magny-Cours was a little different from previous ones. For the first time, I went alone, without Aymeric, and only hit the road on Saturday afternoon. An express 24-hour getaway, with one night in a hotel.

Preparing the Mustang for Classic Days 2024

The Mustang is gassed up, the camera is charged, and my application has been accepted at the last minute. I received confirmation that morning. At 1:30 p.m., I set off under cloudy skies, taking the national roads. Three hours later, I’m in Magny-Cours, after 215 kilometers without incident, apart from a slightly over-optimistic fuel gauge.

Arrival at Magny-Cours for Classic Days 2024

On arrival, folder in hand, I head for the pits. There, I discover some superb GT 40s, before one of them encounters a serious engine problem on the track. I meet up with Chloë and her father, and we spend some quality time with the people in charge of the Delafond body shop.

Meeting with Mustang enthusiasts

Around 7 p.m., Chloë leaves, leaving me a little more time to wander around the stands. In front of the Autosur stand, I come across a familiar Mustang. Pierre Boulesteix and his wife Violette, whom I met last week in Poitiers, are there. Pierre tells me about their future projects with the Mustang.

Dinner with friends in Nevers during Classic Days 2024

At 8.30pm, I leave the circuit for dinner with Muriel and her friends. It’s a pleasure to meet up again, despite Muriel’s technical problems with her turn signal unit and the solenoid on her ’68 fastback.

A night at the hotel and back to the circuit for Classic Days 2024

After a pleasant evening, I return to my hotel. The Mustang finds a tight spot between a badly parked SUV and a badly cut hedge. The night is short, and I get up early to avoid parking problems. By 7.30 am, I’m back on the Magny-Cours circuit, enjoying the first rays of sunshine after a rainy night.

Exciting discussions in the Classic Days 2024 paddocks

The cars are still few and far between, so I head for the paddocks. Pierre B. arrives early too, and we share a coffee, discussing the history of Ford France and the role of Henri Chemin.

Reunion and final exchanges

At the end of the morning, Thierry arrives with his 66 Arcadian Blue coupe, probably for the last time before moving on to a newer model. Sébastien with his 68 fastback and Muriel and her friends join me near the Delafond body shop, where the parts ordered in a hurry from Silver Performance await them.

The Classic Days 2024 Grand Parade and the return journey in the rain

Mustang owners arrive, each with their own story and passion. Exchanges are rich and varied.

It’s time for the grand parade. I take advantage of this moment to say bye to my friends and discreetly set off for home, in the pouring rain.

Conclusion: A special edition of Classic Days 2024

This edition of Classic Days 2024, though special and brief, enabled me to meet up with friends I only see once a year, and to live my passion for Mustangs to the full.