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60 years of the Mustang: Convoy departs for Poitiers (April 19th 2024)

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Today is a convoy departs to celebrate 60 years of the Mustang. To mark the anniversary of the Ford Mustang, the Mustang Club de France organized an unmissable event at the Futuroscope Arena. From Friday April 19 to Sunday April 21, enthusiasts had the opportunity to admire an unprecedented collection of Mustangs from all generations. The event featured a parade of iconic models and brought together a community of Mustang enthusiasts and owners.

Accompanied by my friend Aymeric and my 66 coupe, I took part in this unique experience. In this series of three articles, I’ll be sharing my perspective on this memorable event, day by day.

On the road for the 60th anniversary of the Mustang in convoy!

Aymeric, another enthusiast and owner of a 2006 Ford Mustang GT, hit the road with me in my ’66 Mustang. Our departure at 8.15 am, a little late, marked the start of our journey towards Mâcon, where we’ll be joining other enthusiasts. Travelling in convoy over the 500+ kilometers to the Arena added to our enthusiasm, especially after this week’s bumpy start with my Mustang.

I had to change the spark plugs in a hurry on Wednesday April 17 and don’t have enough hindsight to plan a road trip with any peace of mind. But it doesn’t matter, we’re still going in convoy to celebrate the Mustang’s 60th anniversary!

Rendezvous in Mâcon

At nine o’clock sharp, we arrive at the meeting point. The convoy and the few people due to join it are already there. Some are at the bakery, others are chatting around a car. So we find Olive with his Boss 302 (from 1970), Chris (1967 coupé), Fabrice R. with his wife and two daughters (GT 2016), Fabrice B. (GT 2008), Jeremie and her partner (Bullitt 2019), Régis and his wife (Dodge Challenger) and Pierre-Yves and his wife Corinne (2015 convertible).

First stop Moulins

Our journey to Moulins is punctuated by a welcome break. Joined by Denis P. and his 2018 GT, we refuel. I take the opportunity to make a few calculations concerning my fuel consumption. Meanwhile, Aymeric takes videos with the drone kindly lent to him by a friend.

… and the problems begin!

Unfortunately, Olive is having problems with his right rear wheel. Unsuitable nuts led to a series of complications. Despite this, the solidarity within the group is palpable. Members helping Olive to resolve the situation. The Mustang 60th anniversary convoy hits the road again.

New stop in Guéret

Our convoy stops one kilometer before our next stop: the Buffalo of Guéret. With vibrations in the Boss becoming increasingly severe, Olive stops at Renault Trucks for a check-up. Replacing the nuts seems not to have been enough. He dismantles the wheel and notices that the rim holes are damaged. In fact, the studs are too long, preventing the nuts from pressing the wheel firmly onto the hub.

Part of the convoy heads to the Buffalo to meet up with the others, while Chris, Régis, Fabrice R., Aymeric and I stay behind. Fabrice inquires about a US auto parts importer. He’s told to go to a junkyard a few miles away to buy Mondeo nuts, which would be the same as those used on 1970 Mustangs. Régis borrowed some tools from the garage to “decapitate” the nuts so he could screw them on more easily. Finally, Chris removes a nut from one of his wheels to replace Olive’s out of service. The rim is too damaged to be used, and the spare wheel takes its place.

Lunch at the Buffalo

While waiting for the junkyard to open (at 2pm), we set off again in the direction of the Buffalo, 1.3 kilometers down the road. Aymeric and I sit down at a table with Fabrice and his family. Fabrice and I find we have a lot in common, especially in terms of our professions. After our meal, we set off in the direction of the junkyard. Unfortunately, after a long wait, it turns out that the parts we’re looking for aren’t available here, due to the English pitch of the nuts.

Paradise is in Poitiers

We set off for Poitiers, driving carefully. The journey goes well and we find Mustangs on the road as we arrive near the Futuroscope Arena. I’m a little worried about our entry to the site. I’m used to waiting for long minutes in traffic jams at park entrances (like in Nevers for Classic Days, for example), which can lead to engine overheating. I’ve experienced this twice (once with my Mustang II in 2017, another with my coupé in 2018). Well no, the entrance is smooth, we enter quickly and are shown to a parking space.

Seventh generation: Mustang GT Dark Horse 2024

We meet several Mustang owners and take in the sights. There are hundreds of Mustangs here and there. Our favorite cars stretch as far as the eye can see. We are soon intrigued by (American) police sirens. Three motorcycles equipped with a police kit are escorting a rather special Mustang, sirens blaring. It’s a seventh-generation Mustang GT Dark Horse 2024, never before seen in France! More on this in the next article.

Mustang II

Knowing that a lucky Mustang II owner came to the event, I’m on the hunt for his car. For those who haven’t followed this blog since its inception, I’m a big Mustang II (1974 – 1978) enthusiast and owned one myself from 2015 to 2017 (I still regret it!). I quickly find the car and take the opportunity to say hello to its owner. We schedule a photo session for Sunday, and I take the opportunity to admire his beauty and the other Mustang IIs parked next to it. A replica of the Monroe Handler Mustang II is also on display, which is quite a novelty for me! I’d love to have the chance to meet each and every owner…

End of the day

The day ends with a few adventures at the hotel and a meal at a Chinese restaurant, before returning to the Arena to close the day in style with the ZZ TOP Tribute rock concert “Fuzz Top”.

The return to the hotel this time was by Mustang, to avoid crossing the boulevard a third time at night. Still worried about the start-up, my coupé did me the honour of behaving well.


The first day of this historic event was marked by a spirit of camaraderie and mutual aid. Two qualities that characterize the community of Mustang enthusiasts. Stay tuned for the adventures to come on the next few days of this exceptional event, where passion and solidarity will continue to light our way on the Mustang Trail.