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Next trip in the United States

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Sarah me prend en photo à Cabrillo Beach.

Where will be my next trip in the USA? After more than four years since my last trip, the desire to set off again for new horizons continues to grow. With each passing month, I find myself dreaming of the next destination to discover.

My next destination will be… the United States!

The United States, a country of a thousand facets, is brimming with extraordinary places just waiting to be explored. As an avid traveler, I’m already planning my future adventures, this time accompanied by my family.

Exploring Oregon: Conquering the great outdoors

One of the destinations that particularly appeals to me is Oregon, a northwestern state renowned for its breathtaking scenery. Sarah and I have long planned to discover Portland and the surrounding area, including natural wonders such as the famous Crater Lake and the majestic Wallowa Mountains. The idea of sharing this experience with our children fills us with joy, as we want to pass on to them our passion for nature and travel.

New York: Meet the Big Apple

Of course, New York remains a must-see destination. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit the Big Apple. Yet there’s no doubting its historical and cultural importance. With its geographical proximity and accessibility from Europe, New York represents an exciting getaway for us to plan.

National parks: Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and beyond

Once you’ve discovered such gems as Yosemite and Death Valley, it’s unthinkable not to explore other parks. I’m thinking in particular of iconic places like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Despite their popularity, these destinations offer breathtaking scenery. I’m sure I’ll have some unique experiences.

Back to Death Valley NP: Exploring the American deserts

As for Death Valley, its desert atmosphere has left a deep impression on me. I’m fascinated by its tranquility and raw beauty, and can’t wait to return and explore more of its arid landscapes and starry nights.

A Ford Mustang in Death Valley National Park.
A Ford Mustang in Death Valley National Park.

Pacific Coast Highway: a timeless journey along the West Coast

Finally, I’m torn between revisiting places that have left their mark on me, like California with its famous Route 1, and discovering new destinations. Each place offers unique experiences and unforgettable memories, and I’m determined to continue exploring this vast country with my family by my side.

A next trip to the Pacific Coast Highway or Route CA 1?
Pacific Coast Highway or Route CA 1.

Conclusion: Towards New Adventures in the USA

In short, every destination offers its share of adventures and discoveries. Whether as a family or as a couple, we’re ready to take up the challenge of organization and planning to enjoy unforgettable experiences in the United States.

Let me be frank with you: our next trip is already planned. It will be with our family, and we’re leaving this month! A few articles should be added before the end of the year…