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The little treasures of our Mustangs …

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It has been an awful long time since I posted any news about my project. While working in the garage the last few days, I came across the few “little treasures” I had found in the car while taking it apart. The majority had slipped between the glove box and the dashboard (it’s crazy how much you can find back there).

Nothing transcendent:

  • a Starpie marker,
  • an Ikea clamp,
  • another marker,
  • a screw,
  • a lock,
  • a tool to scratch something (I don’t know what it is exactly),
  • Gorilla glue,
  • newspaper,
  • And the most interesting: a piece of an old American title (unfortunately note enough to trace anything).

What about you? What did you find in your car? Please, post a comment with the description of your own treasures.