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Telling the story of my trip to the West Coast

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Je vous raconte mon voyage dans l'Ouest américain.

You may remember my previous post where I announced a slight change in the blog’s structure… That was back in October (yet!) and I’m well on the way. I’ve decided to tell you about the story of my trip to the West Coast.

Telling the story of my trip to the West Coast… in 2019

I took this trip in May 2019, as a couple. Sarah and I visited several cities and national parks in California on this occasion. I’m not going to give it all away here, as much better-constructed articles will do so in the coming weeks.

One article a week, two languages

Four and a half years after the fact, I’ll be telling the story of my trip to the West Coast in blog posts. These will be available at a frequency of one per week. They will be published in both French and English. And you’ll be able to follow the adventure until April 2024!

One article per day spent there

Each article will focus on a day spent on the West Coast. Occasionally, you’ll find an article outside the chronology. The first two in particular are articles describing the main characters in this story (Sarah and me) and giving you a bit of background. Each post will be illustrated by a few photos taken by myself.

Hundreds of hours of work to tell the story of my trip to the West Coast

I decided to tell you about my trip to the West Coast by taking the time to write several articles, hundreds of lines, thousands of words. This series of articles took me dozens of hours to write. Maybe even a few hundred!

I’ve decided to publish this story on the blog to give you a glimpse of what we experienced out there.

A good way to consume this story

I’d like to give you a little advice on how to enjoy this story. Make sure you have a quarter of an hour to spare before plunging into an article. Take advantage of this wintry period to make yourself a hot drink. It could be a cup of hot chocolate, coffee (with a hint of cinnamon) or tea. In short, make yourself comfortable!

What’s next?

When you’ve finished reading, take a minute to reflect on how the week’s article inspired you. Was it interesting? Did you learn anything about the West Coast? Are there any new places you’d like to discover? If so, write it all down in a notebook, file or other medium. The aim is to be able to find it easily when you’re planning your next trip to California… Also, you can write to me (via the contact page) to give me your feedback or to ask me questions I didn’t address in the article.