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Mustang at the workshop

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La Mustang à l'atelier - Sur le pont...

This month, I take advantage of some pictures taken at the workshop to give you some news about the Mustang. I’ll write a more detailed series of articles in a few weeks, when the Mustang will be back home, but in the meantime, here’s an update and some pictures.

I entrusted my coupe to a professional well known by the Mustangers in the Beaujolais area. It has been there for several months and a lot of work has been done. These works aimed at starting the newly installed V8 engine properly and making the car reliable so that I won’t be bothered for several years. 

A bit of bodywork was done (the bare minimum, on the front right fender to reattach the antenna), but the rest of the bodywork will remain in its juice for the medium term. 

The new block started a few days ago, here is a small preview:


And here are some pictures taken at the workshop: