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Los Angeles, city of Angels

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Los Angeles, city of Angels

I fell in love with this city long before I set foot there. Many ask me why, how it is possible, but I have no answer. After several years and a few trips there, the passion never left me; so I decided to share my enthusiasm for the City of Angels through the lines of this blog.

A cosmopolitan city

With almost 4 million residents (and 20 million in the county), Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States. It is not surprising that the county brings together individuals from all continents: no less than 140 nationalities are actually represented!

… and very extensive

One of the main problems with L.A. remains the fact that it is a very large city. The majority of the tourists who pass by there leave with a bitter memory, a feeling of frustration, and sometimes also, some photos of Mickey.

This is the classic scheme: you go to California to see the parks, you take the opportunity to take a leap in Los Angeles with the three days you have available. A day is also often reserved for the visit of Disneyland in Anaheim …

Alas, two to five days are not enough to visit the city and the surroundings because, let us not forget, the city of Angels covers 1,300 square kilometers. And yet, if, like me, you took the time to visit Los Angeles as if you lived there, you probably fell in love with it too. To quote James Ellroy: “L.A .: Come on vacation, go home on probation.”

More info on Los Angeles …

In a few weeks, I will feed the blog with various articles related to the city of Los Angeles (activities, transportation, etc.). The goal is for me to share my passion for this city and, if it can help some to organize their trip, it’s a good thing.