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Happy new year!

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Good morning all,

I take this post to wish you a very happy new year 2021. We hope more joyous than the previous year, with many trips in Mustangs, trips across the Atlantic and many successes in your personal and professional projects!

This is also an opportunity for me to present the new site logo, which you must have seen appearing at the top even before reading this article. The paint is still fresh (thank you Dorian !!)! I would be curious to read your opinion! So leave it in comments ;).

Then, I haven’t been very active in the last few months, because I work quite a bit on another project (an old one that I would like to revive). I’m not telling you more today, but it might come on the blog if all goes well! New content in the pipeline (but only in French for the moment).

Finally, I turn to you because I had created a Patreon page quite a while ago … And it absolutely does not work ^^! Anyway, all that to say that I would love to have some Patreons on my page. I’m doing a little poll, still in the comments if you don’t mind, to find out what I could suggest to the Patreons. Tell me and we’ll see if it’s realistic. Anyway, my goal is just to pay the cost of blog hosting and fund the web projects, period. And let’s face it, it will push me to create content ;).

So much for the latest info. Oh yes also, I’m preparing some very interesting articles for the Mustang section. We will soon meet Rudy who has just finished restoring a superb ’65 Fastback which comes straight from Louisiana, then Jérémy, a French expat’ in L.A. who restores a beautiful Mustang II Mach 1! Also, I have been working (for many months now) on a bunch of articles that will detail a complete restoration of ’67 Ford Mustang! I can’t wait to finish writing all of these projects and reading your comments! See you soon !