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2019: a year without passion…

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The three dimensions of my life

There are times when priorities change, evolve. The year 2019 was one of those moments … which was slow to end. My priorities were focused on my work environment, leaving aside recreation and passion. If you know me a little bit, you probably already know that three dimensions share my life: family, work, passion. The first has moved in the right direction this year (children grow up and are easier to manage), the second has taken an extremely (too!) important place and asked me a lot of time, while the third (the Mustang , and hobbies) has been set aside.

The place of the Mustang

Just a year ago, I had spent a lot of time sanding and protecting the interior and engine compartment of the coupe, more determined than ever to complete this project. Since then, the interior has returned to its place, a large number of parts were ordered to power the brand new engine that came to take place in the car last September. The front suspensions have been replaced. In short, time has passed, the Mustang has been de-prioritized, and things have advanced a little. There are still a number of details to be settled: setting up the braking system, the steering column with its steering wheel, adjusting the carburetor, changing the alternator (brand new, which is broken following a short- circuit last time we worked on the Mustang).

Let’s get out of coma!

I do not hide that I have many times regretted my purchase (or even the sale of my coupe ’77 which worked terribly well). And yet, a few days ago, I realized where the Mustang place was in my life and decided that it was time to stop pushing the deadline: we have to take the Mustang out of this prolonged coma and ride again, take pleasure, and continue the adventure of the enthusiast that I am. I’ll keep you informed of the progress, with a frequency higher than my average of 2019 …